Tribal Braids are one of the most trendy African hairstyles and a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon and getting these. The real magic of Tribal Braids lies in how old they are and the kind of beauty they add to your hair. How good our talented stylists do them is just a cherry on the top.

How long do tribal braids last?

The team of hair stylists we have at Messi Hair Braiding makes sure that the braids we give you last for a handsome amount of time; even more than the usual ones. If you go easy on your hair and don’t mess it up a lot, the tribal braids will easily last up to eight weeks. Even if you’re a little carefree, they will last a minimum of six weeks but with extra care, this can go up to even ten weeks. When the braids have lived their age, they start to get a little fuzzy. You can come see us when that happens and we would love to fix them for you.

Styles with Tribal Braids

There are a number of styles you could do with your Tribal Braids, or in this case, we would do for you. Some of the most common ones, our clients like include,

Tribal braids with added extensions to make your hair look extra long. Most of our clients go for the long tribal braids since they make their hair look longer and better.

This style include adding colors to your braids. You can go through the wide range of hair dyes we have and choose one according to your preferences. You can either select a solid color or a gradient shade for your hair.

The Tribal Braids are knitted into a ponytail once they are done. This not only makes them look aesthetically pleasing but also increases their strength two-fold. Ponytails are trendy these days and are loved by most of our clients.

This style includes decorating the Tribal Braids with beads and other accessories. Pins, clips, and other decorations are attached to the braids to enhance their beauty.


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Very friendly, courteous & most of all her work is amazing. She ask is that okay do you like it. She makes sure you’re satisfied before walking out. She’s amazing and her work is very beautiful.

Marquala C

Such a great hairdresser and so considerate! My braids always come out looking perfect, never unhappy with them. I always get compliments on my hair and am happy to forward her information.

Hiwot A

Great place! I’ve been getting my hair done at Messi’s hair salon for over 2 years now and I wouldn’t trust my hair with anyone but her. Wonderful customer service and amazing styles. Highly recommended!

Melat B