African Braiding is very trendy and is literally a zero-maintenance hairstyle. You can easily make your braids last a long time by taking proper care of them. Messi Hair Braiding brings you the best hair braiding services in all of US to make your hair look bold and strong and make them stand out from the lot. We specialize in a large number of braid styles including Box Braids, Tribal Braids, Senegalese Twist, Buns, Braids for Kids, etc. but this one is all about our Senegalese Twists.

We at Messi Hair Braiding handle almost all hair types and our master stylists are aware of all the nitty gritty behind braids. Our stylists suggest that Marley hair seem to be the number one choice for naturals who choose to use extensions to get an extra layer of protection. The most common type of hair used for Senegalese Twist include Kanekalon and Toyokalon.

The stylists here at Messi Hair Braiding are super-talented and are able to give you the ideal look in the least amount of time. Normally, it takes around 4 to 5 hours to do Senegalese Twist although this could also go up to 7-8 hours depending on the type of hair. We use the right practice and supplies to make sure the process if completed on the earliest and you get your braids done in the minimum amount of time.

Both Senegalese Twists and Box Braids have their own qualities and look equally great when it comes to aesthetics. There are a few differences in the amount of time it takes to do either one and the time both stay together. Box braids usually last longer than Senegalese Twists but the latter also holds for a decent amount of time. If you’re unsure about what kind of Braids are you looking for, you can get in touch with us and we would love to find the best fit for you.

Our clients hold the top-most priority in our hearts and our immensely talented team is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that every single client is left satisfied. Our stylists are ready to give you the style you have always desired. You can select from our pre-made designs or bring one of your own in the form of an image and let us take care of the rest. Appointments can be booked online and walk-ins are also welcome!


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Very friendly, courteous & most of all her work is amazing. She ask is that okay do you like it. She makes sure you’re satisfied before walking out. She’s amazing and her work is very beautiful.

Marquala C

Such a great hairdresser and so considerate! My braids always come out looking perfect, never unhappy with them. I always get compliments on my hair and am happy to forward her information.

Hiwot A

Great place! I’ve been getting my hair done at Messi’s hair salon for over 2 years now and I wouldn’t trust my hair with anyone but her. Wonderful customer service and amazing styles. Highly recommended!

Melat B